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Welcome to the Bobby Kemp Swing Show

BK Banner Upscale? JPEG   Bobby Kemp is the UK's Top Big Band singer, and aims to prove that this year, by touring his show in the UK and then on to Las Vegas for a string of debut performances. Based in Manchester, Bobby is also planning a series of low-key club gigs in Cheshire and elsewhere in the North West, Merseyside and Lancashire, not to mention the Midlands and Greater London regions. BK Banner Upscale? JPEG Incredibly tho' Bobby's show is still available to hire for selected corporate events and private functions such as weddings and other big parties. All shows are currently based around Bobby's forthcoming live album, recorded recently in Stockholm, Sweden. The LP, imaginatively titled 'Running on Ice - BK Live in Stockholm' is in part a tribute to the great songwriters of the late swing era, featuring new versions of hits made famous by Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Bobby Darin and the Rat Pack generally. There are also one or two surprises in there (including a brand new number written by Bobby), which will of course also make it into the live shows...

Here come the Blogs!


I Get a Kick out of You: ‘the story behind …the story behind’

  * Click here for to see the Video in Full HD!! *   A 1930's Cole Porter classic gets 'the treatment' in the latest BK video. But it's a bit whacky... So what's it all about? ...They say (whoever ‘they’ are), that ‘necessity is the mother of invention’, though I guess this proverb's normally applied to practical situations rather than artistic ones. It was during a … [Read More...]

*Bill’s list* & why Books are for Life (and not just for World Book day…)

‘...Read these books Bob - they will improve you!’ These words, scrawled so long ago in biro, atop a hand written note (albeit on ‘student style’ A4 lined paper), still remain some of the most Poe-faced (No pun intended), I have ever come across. And yet for some reason I heeded them and, so it proved to be, they did the trick on that promise of improvement; Most excellently … [Read More...]


Rags to (Ost) Riches

'The guy's still Got it'. (' that's just Me!): Out in Chesterfield, doin' my old job (sound man) for Sky Sports' Soccer am, with 70's Ledge Bernie Clifton & Frankie Fryer - v. funny day + filmed a small segment with 'self in Full Swing Mode (comin' here soon!). B x … [Read More...]

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New videos now in production – check out some great new filming kit we’re using too!…

Get Teleprompter PremiumLearn more about iPad Teleprompter … [Read More...]


At Last!! Here come the Album Tracks!! <<====== <<======

  ...yes, for a limited time, we're loading *Full Quality* versions of more than 2/3 of the album tracks!!   - First up are: … [Read More...]


Bobby’s album ‘Live in Stockholm’ – now back on!!

...after a string of catastrophic technical traumas, the long-awaited Live album is now very much back in production. Bobby's 'Time Machine' mobile … [Read More...]

Brand New Podcast interview

Bobby chats candidly to this Brand new online Music channel, about his life inside (and outside) music. Everything from early songwriting to his … [Read More...]

Blue Moon: Charity single & Etihad appearance

Now well over 2000 YouTube views for Bobby's version of Blue Moon. We're still hoping to release this as a charity single, and are definitely a step … [Read More...]

Video songs: Comin’ up…

...Can reveal that the next video track will be Bobby's unique version of 'New York' the *ultimate* closing number! * This version starts life … [Read More...]


Stockholm album: best track yet!

Latest video sampler track 'Artificial Flowers' has had a HUGE response from Twitter fans - approaching 1000 hits on YouTube after only a couple of … [Read More...]

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Say it with Cake

Welcome to our first affiliate partner... Emma makes fabulous and imaginative cakes from her home base in Cheshire. Trained and experienced with some of the Top cake emporiums in the … [Read More...]

A Cool, subtle & understated T-shirt is only ever gonna be…

...Next Week's Washing : which, incidentally, is the name of a highly original Manchester clothing company founded and run by some great friends of ours. Here's a witty example of them capturing … [Read More...]


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